13 Essential Tips to Make Every Day Count

To say we live in a crazy world can be an understatement. Everything happens so fast these days that it is becoming more difficult to find meaning in most of the things that take up our days. 

However, according to the old adage, where there is a will, there is a way. This means there are ways to make every day count. Here, we will discuss some of the best ways to make the most out of every single day. 

1. Find Out What Gives You True Happiness 

True happiness comes from some of the little things we don’t pay serious attention to. It could be spending quality time with the people you love or teaching your kids to be better versions of themselves. It could be writing to teach others. Whatever it is, make sure you find it. 

2. Work to Achieve What Gives you Happiness 

It is also important that you work hard for the things that give you happiness. If you want quality time with your loved ones, you still have to work for it. You can dedicate at least an hour every day to attend to the things you cherish. 

3. Surround Yourself with Only Those Who Bring Out the Best in You 

The people around you will either improve your energy or deplete it. To make every day count, you need to surround yourself with those who will bring out the best in you. These are the individuals who will encourage you and help you see the bigger picture, not those who will make you feel like your dreams are too hard to achieve. 

4. Be Mindful Of How You Spend Your Time 

Most of us are concerned about how we spend our money without thinking deeply about how we spend our time. Time is about the only thing we can't buy or replenish. It is essential, therefore, that you spend it carefully—no idle time. 

5. Live Everyday Like It Is Your Last 

Most people shrink at the idea of death. But the fact is that death can actually come at a time we least expect it. Therefore, it is essential that we make the best of the life we have. This doesn’t mean spending everything you’ve got at a time. Rather, it is essential that you do some of the things you really want to do in life; call up your loved ones, take time for yourself, make a goal list, and just do whatever you are passionate about. 

6. Do What You Can With the Time You Have Right Now 

While planning for tomorrow, do what you can with the time you have at the moment. The truth is, we have very little control over what happens tomorrow or the day after. The most important decision you will make is to appreciate the time you have and use it properly. 

7. Remain Curious 

For most of us who are yet to figure out what we are really passionate about, being curious seems the best way to ensure that every single day counts. It is easier to identify the things you are curious about. If you can structure your work around what you are naturally curious about, you will always be in the right direction. It is best to do this with another person who shares such curiosity. 

8. Find a System that Helps You Stay Productive 

Depending on the kind of things you are working on, it can be very difficult to track your progress. This is very important, however, if you want to remain focused and achieve more. By all means, try to find a system to track your progress and try to improve every new day. 

9. Count Your Blessings Each New Day 

Sometimes, things become a little too tough that it may seem like you are not making progress at all. In such situations, you can easily slip into anxiety or depression, which impedes your productivity further. The best way to deal with such a period is to count your blessings. Actually, it is best to count your blessings every day to make your days count. 

10. Do Something Selfishly Productive That Makes You a Better Person 

You might have heard that it is important to be selfish at times. This doesn't mean you have to be mean to people sometimes. Far from that, it just means you have to look out for yourself most times. It is advisable that you do something that will benefit you every day. This can be reading to learn, exercising, or taking a class that will bring you a step closer to your life goals. 

11. Do Something Unselfishly Kind for Someone Else Each Day 

You also have to be unselfish most of the times to find fulfillment in life and make every day count. If you can put a smile on someone's face every day, you will find more lights in your days. You can teach, motivate, or give someone something unselfishly. The truth is, such acts of kindness always comes back to you in multiple folds. You really have to be genuinely selfless about it, though. 

12. Don’t Put Any Real Pressure on Making Your Day Meaningful 

True, this piece is all about making every day count, but you shouldn’t worry much about it. You don’t really need to put any pressure on yourself to make your days count. If possible, implement the tips here without thinking much about what it can do in your life. You will find fulfillment without any stress. 

13. Focus On Self-Awareness and Self-Care 

In this fast-paced world, it is easy to lose touch with reality when trying to find meaning in everything. To avoid getting lost, focus on self-awareness and self-care. Take good care of yourself and try to be at peace with yourself always. 


We have briefly discussed 13 ways you can make every day count. This can be a lot to digest. There is no need to put pressure on yourself. In addition to the individual tips given here, try alternative therapies that can help you to be more mindful and focused. Meditation, aromatherapy, and reflexology can all be very helpful.

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