5 Major Reasons Why Life Is So Hard On You & 10 Tips to Make It Better

It is important to tell ourselves the truth always. Though some of us will be reluctant to admit it, the truth is that life sucks. It may be going too well for some people, but it is not really funny for most of us. It is important to understand the reasons for this and find ways to make life better. 

Are you honest about how hard your life is? Do you genuinely want to make it better? If you answered yes to both questions, I would urge you to keep an open mind as we discuss five major reasons why life is currently hard. We will also highlight ten ways to make improvements right here. 

Reason 1: You Are Selfish 

You should know at this point that this post will not massage your ego, so let's hit the ground running with this vital point. Most humans are selfish. You are probably selfish, too, if your life is still hard. Thinking that your life sucks is actually a sign of selfishness. 

How often do you take the focus off yourself? The truth is that there are several people who are way more poor and hungry than you in your city. How often do you take the focus off yourself and think of these ones? When you do, you will realize that life has not been as bad as it seems to you. 

When you choose to be less-selfish, you will appreciate the good things in your life better. You may not have a lot, but you are far better than many others. When you realize this, you will practice gratitude more. This, in turn, will make the universe smile at you more often. 

Reason 2: You Are a Hypocrite 

It is easier to notice the wrongs in the world than the wrongs within you. Most of us feel life has not been fair to us. We easily criticize others and blame our situation on them and life’s circumstances without acknowledging our own roles in our problems. 

When you start acknowledging the fact that you are also responsible for your own failures and disappointments, you will find that life can be easier. Understand that you are not the best person on earth, and you can always do better than you are currently doing. 

It will be hard for a hypocrite to admit that he/she is one. I expect that you will struggle to agree with this point. However, once you realize your problems and start working at becoming a better version of yourself, life will be easier. 

Reason 3: You Are Not As Free As You Think 

Many of us will authoritatively declare that we enjoy free will. We think we are free to do what we want and pursue any goal we want to pursue. While there is an element of truth in the idea, it is ultimately flawed. You are not as free as you think. 

There are so many things that affect our free will – so many factors that influence our decision making and our major choices in life. The problem is that most of us fail to realize this early. The stories you heard as a child, for instance, will always affect your decisions. Societal expectations also influence our decisions. 

Life will become simpler when you realize your limitations. It is important to know that you are not always as free as you think. When you do, you can start breaking free from some of the things that hold you back, like your money beliefs and societal expectations on relationships. 

Reason 4: You Don’t Take Responsibilities 

It is easier to blame life for our many challenges instead of taking responsibility for our actions and inactions. The person you will become will mostly be determined by what you do with your time and not the circumstances of life.  

You are responsible for your happiness. You are responsible for your outlook in life. You shouldn't blame life for your misfortunes and your current position in life. The truth is that every human faces unique challenges. Successful people are those who overcome their challenges. 

Take responsibility for the good and the bad things in your life. Take decisions and deal with the consequences they bring. You will realize how simpler life becomes when you confront your challenges and take responsibility. 

Reason 5: People Actually Suck 

While many of us are hypocrites to some extent, it is important to admit that people suck. As nice as I want to sound at this point, it is important to make it categorically clear that people really suck, and you shouldn’t expect too much from others. 

No matter how well you work on yourself, you will experience the bad side of people. Human nature is deceptive, and you must always keep that in mind. 

While many people suck, there are good people on earth too. Actually, there are so many good people, but you can’t trust everyone. Expect people to disappoint you, but make sure you deal honestly with others and make friends with trustworthy people. 

10 Tips to Make Life Better 

Without wasting time, here are ten tips that can help you make your life better: 

  • Embrace changes though they can be very uncomfortable 
  • Respond to situations with positivity (the response is more important than the situation) 
  • Take good care of yourself because no one will do it better 
  • Time is the most important currency in the real world; never waste it 
  • Don’t waste your time and energy on things you don’t care about 
  • Waiting for the right circumstances is wasting your life; start now and adjust with time 
  • The present is the most important time; stop reminiscing about the past and fantasizing about the future 
  • Pay attention because everyone has something to teach (interactions and obstacles are great teachers too) 
  • You won’t always get what you want but do what you have to do at all times 
  • Don’t underestimate your mental strength. 


Life will be better when you understand yourself and your environment better. We have discussed five of the major reasons life will be so hard on some people. We have also highlighted tips that can make life better. Take every word here seriously, and take control of your life. You will find more happiness in life. 

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