6 Things Manipulative People Do and How to Handle Them

While there are several wonderful humans in the world, we can’t deny the fact that some people have their bad sides. Some people, for instance, and manipulative, and that creates a lot of problems in relationships. 

It doesn’t really matter the kind of relationship you have with a manipulative person (friendship, romantic relationship, or even family ties); you will always feel trapped and mostly unhappy.

One of the worst things about dealing with manipulative persons is that they always make you feel something is wrong with you. Most times, it is hard for the victim to understand that they are being manipulated. Even when they do, dealing with them becomes even tougher. 

Have you found yourself entangled with a manipulative person? Do you want to break free from their manipulations? Here are six things they normally do, as well as how you can handle them at any point.

1. They Believe Their Approach Is Always the Right One 

One of the easiest ways to identify a manipulative person is through their opinions and approaches to a particular thing. You should also watch out for their attitude when their methods are called into question. They will always believe their approaches are the best and will not back down even when things seem to be going the wrong way.

The major reason manipulative people stick to their guns no matter what is because they believe that is the only way their needs will be met. Since they don’t really care for anyone else, they will want to stick to the approach they believe will work in their favor. 

You will notice a manipulative person trying so hard to stay in control and make you do things their way. Even when they are caught lying about something, they try so much to cover up. Don't give them an inch if you don't want them to take a mile.

2. They Always Cross Lines in Your Relationship 

One way manipulators get people to do their bidding is by making them feel small and unworthy of their attention. They start this by crossing the lines in your relationship with them. They do it so authoritatively that you may start doubting yourself. This gives them the upper hand to dictate for you, all to their own benefits. 

When you notice that someone is always crossing boundaries in your relationship without any form of remorse even when confronted, the individual may be manipulative. If you do not set personal boundaries in your relationship, you expose yourself further to their whims. 

When you are certain that a manipulative person is trying to cross boundaries to take advantage of you, stop it dead as soon as possible. Learn to stand up for yourself and keep personal boundaries tight. 

3. They Always Blame You for Their Problems 

A manipulative person blames others easily. Whenever they have an issue with you, they will twist the facts in such manners that may make you reconsider yourself and doubt if you have been really fair to them – this is known as gaslighting. You will always feel guilty when you have an issue with them.

A manipulator hates taking responsibility for his/her actions. They will always want to pass the blame. If you notice this continuously in someone you are in a relationship with, you need to stop letting their complaints get to you. When you suddenly start feeling guilty, look at the facts of the matter carefully, and disregard whatever sentimental argument they present.

4. They Will Play On Your Emotions 

Manipulative people don’t care about other’s emotions. As long as they are satisfied, they don’t care how the other person is feeling. When they have an end in mind, they will do anything to get the result that will make them happy, including playing with your emotions. 

Even when you are upset about their attitude to you, manipulative people can cunningly make you feel sad about your emotions. Even when you are trying to talk to them about their wrongs, they can turn the table and try to make you feel guilty. At this point, it may be best to let them be. 

5. They Are Almost Impenetrable 

Trying to get a manipulative person to change his/her way feels like talking to a brick wall. They are experts at defending themselves and their actions. They are mostly fast thinkers who will easily conjure up the right words that will help them gain control of any situation. When they can’t find the right words to use, they will shut down and play the dumb game. 

If you have someone you can’t just penetrate, he or she is likely a manipulative person. Watch how they respond when you have to point out something important about their attitude. They will never yield. They don’t ever want to lose their advantage over you. Once you confirm the individual is manipulative, try to keep the relationship not too tight. 

6. They Don’t Always Keep To Their Words 

Someone who says one thing and does something else is most probably a manipulator. They are never true to their words, and you shouldn't be deceived by any excuse they conjure up. Even when they say one thing and do something entirely different, they don't own up to it.

When you feel someone is manipulative, never characterize them by the actions and never by their words. Knowing that they won't always keep their words, never repose confidence in whatever they say. Don't get into arguments when they make flimsy excuses. 


When dealing with a manipulative person, you don’t have to go easy on them. Once you are certain an individual is manipulating you, you can get angry and take charge of the situation. Stand your ground and don’t let their words sway you at all. 


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