Am I Intimidating? 20 Signs That You’re Intimidating Those Around You

Being intimidating often has negative associations. 

But that doesn’t have to be the case!

Having a personality which is intimidating is no so much about you as it is about the way others perceive you. 

This can still be important though, as to how others see you can affect the relationships you have with them. 

Here are some personality traits you might like (and others you might not like as much) that can come off as intimidating: 

1. You keep your word

When you make a promise, you stick to it. There’s no and’s if’s or but’s about it. Other people can count on you – which is a good thing, right?

But many people are intimidated by this because let’s face it, if they don’t stick to their word, they look bad. 

2. You tell it like it is

You don’t sugarcoat what you say. You let people know exactly what you think, even if it means coming off as a little too forward at times. 

3. You’re open-minded

You keep an open mind and you take things in your stride. Whether that’s hearing other people’s opinion, accepting people for who they are, or getting on board with new ideas. 

4. You find solutions 

You can take a step back from a situation and look at the bigger picture. You find the solutions in a task and don’t focus on the problems. This intimidates many, as they only wish they could do the same. 

5. You stick to your decisions

When someone tries to challenge you on your latest goal, your instinct is to say “watch me!” Nothing can come in between you and what you set out for yourself to achieve. And that’s a great thing – but beware of the green-eyed monster in others. 

6. People who whine aren’t worth your time

When it comes to hearing others complain about things they can ultimately change, you get ticked off. Fast. Because you dive in and are proactive about finding solutions doesn’t mean that other people are too. Some people are intimidated by your get-go, but that’s what has brought you this far in life in the first place.  

7. Ignorance isn’t bliss

You want to know the truth. More so, you can’t stand people who sit and watch the truth pass by them and still choose to believe the lies, just because it’s easier. Wanting to know the truth about things sets you out from the crowd – and that’s no bad thing. 

8. You’re smart 

Is there anything more intimidating than intelligence? When you’re smart, strong and savvy, you can carry a conversation even if it’s beyond your level of knowledge. With your interest in learning and inquisitive nature, you intimidate those who deem themselves less intelligent. 

9. Small talk turns you off

You want to talk about deep things. Emotions, life, the universe, and controversial topics. You easily get bored with trivial talk. You have other, bigger things to accomplish than talking about last night’s football game.

10. You’re naturally kind

Kindness and love are what make the world go round, and you have a great deal of it to give. When you’re intelligent, knowledgeable AND kind, you can seem intimidating to others, who’ll look for your flaws to make themselves feel better.

11. You’re a lifelong learner

You don’t have the arrogance to think that you know all there is to know. You want to better yourself and the key way to do that is to learn. Continuously. 

12. Music feeds your soul

Music helps you understand your more complex emotions. No matter if it’s rap, hip-hop, pop or jazz, going through your days without music seems impossible.

13. You’re devoted to others’ happiness

In a society that’s so obsessed with themselves, being a selfless person is a beautiful thing. When you show love and compassion for others, you put them first. Not everyone does this, and you might come off as intimidating to those people. 

14. You look on the bright side

You stay positive even through difficult situations. This not only helps your mental health and wellbeing but also is refreshing to the multitude of pessimists around you. 

15. You aim high

You have goals you want to achieve and you’re not afraid to reach for the stars. This may intimidate others who don’t reach as high or lack the confidence in their abilities to think big. 

16. Traveling is your passion

You love wandering the world and discovering new places, meeting people of different ethnicities, and learning about their cultures. You enjoy widening your worldview and getting out of your comfort zone. 

17. You don’t let fear rule your life

Yes, you experience fear, but you don’t let it dictate what you can and cannot do. You feel the fear and do what you set out to do in the first place. And this is intimidating to those who let the fear take over. 

18. You’re not a fan of gossip

You can’t stand it when people talk about others behind their backs – yet some people thrive on this. Belittling others to make yourself feel bigger is something you loathe. 

19. You surround yourself with the best

The people you spend your time with the most are people whose goals and values align with your own. You push each other up to the top instead of pulling each other down. There’s a lot to be said for that. 

20. You don’t demand attention all the time 

You like to get on with things at your own pace and don’t care about getting attention for superficial things like appearance or status. You know that there’s more to people than what first meets the eye. 


If you found yourself nodding along to these traits, chances are you may come off as intimidating. 

That isn’t a bad thing though.

As long as you’re aware of how you are affecting your love ones, your intimidation can become a very good thing.

It can even have a positive impact on those around you! 

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