How to Become Smarter: 11 Daily Habits to Make You More Intelligent

Everyone desires to be smarter and more intelligent. In fact, intelligence is the most admired personality trait every individual craves for. Though some individuals think only people with high I.Q.s are highly intelligent. However, there are ways to boost your cognitive abilities and become smarter. In this post, we will be providing you with essential tips on how to become smarter. Implementing these daily habits will help boost your intelligence.

1. Cultivate Reading Habits

A great way to become smarter is by cultivating reading habits. Reading helps to facilitate brain activity. Also, it stretches the brain capacity and creates an atmosphere for analytical thought and reflection. When you read every day, you will be introduced to new vocabulary. You will also learn proper grammar usage and discover more about well-written sentences. Whether it is a newspaper, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or historical literature, reading helps your brain to travel to new places and learn new things.

2. Visit New Places

Another tip on how to become smarter is by visiting new places. This can range from taking a different route to school or visiting a new coffee shop close to your workplace. You can also travel to a different country to learn about the culture, heritage, language, interesting places, and so forth. Visiting new places also helps you discover new music, food, lifestyle, and more. Doing this offers an incredible way to challenge your brain capacity. You will also discover more about your ability to adapt to a new environment or situation.

3. Stay Up-to-Date With the News

Furthermore, the news is a source of new information. It introduces you to interesting topics and recent happenings in your society. Make it a daily habit to read or watch the news. You can dedicate about 30 minutes every day to reading newspapers, listening to, or watching the news. This is a good tip on how to become smarter.

4. Continue With Your Education

Unfortunately, a lot of adults are yet to recognize the benefits of adult education. This is one of the best investments you can make with your time, energy, and money. Adult education can help you learn new skills and concepts. As you continue your education, your brain will be able to build new connections. Thus, building higher intelligence and making you smarter.

5. Train Your Brain Daily

Also, training your brain can improve your intelligence. On a daily basis, try to solve puzzles, quizzes, quantitative reasoning tasks, and more. These activities are designed to improve neuroplasticity and challenge the brain to make new connections. Thus, if you are looking for how to become smarter and more intelligent, consider daily brain training.

6. Limit Your Dependence on Technology

A lot of individuals are too dependent on technology that we hardly think or solve problems by ourselves. From simple mathematical problems to navigation, we depend on technology to solve all problems for us. However, the more you solve simple mathematical problems with a calculator, the less you are able to task your brain.

Avoiding technology completely may not be possible. Nonetheless, you can keep your brain in shape by reducing your dependence on technology. Solve simple algebra problems without using a calculator. Go on a trip without making use of GPS. This will help challenge your brain capacity.

7. Be More Creative

Another tip on how to become smarter is by fostering creativity. Remember the finger-painting lessons in preschool. While they were fun activities, they helped little children be more creative. Fostering creativity opens the mind to new possibilities and various ways to solve problems. Becoming more creative makes you more intelligent. It turns you into an innovative thinker and inventive leader. No matter how dull a task can be, find a way to incorporate creativity into it. With creative thinking, you can become smarter.

8. Role-Play

What’s more, you can become smarter by role-playing. Role-playing offers you the opportunity to put yourself in another person’s shoes. This allows your brain to think differently. In fact, role-playing can help you discover creative ideas and develop new solutions to solving difficult problems.

9. Work as a Team

Working in a collaborative environment is another great tip on how to become smarter. When you work in a team environment, it enhances your brain activity. Working with team members help develop original ideas as well as effective strategies to solve problems. No wonder a lot of modern organizations often encourage a collaborative working environment.

10. Daily Meditation


Meditation is the practice of training the mind while spending time in quiet thought. Daily meditation exercises the mind and induces an altered state of consciousness. Also, meditation improves an individual’s concentration, creativity, and ability to focus. Establish a short, daily meditation routine to beef up your alertness, concentration, intelligence, and creativity. This remains one of the best tips on how to become smarter.

11. Eat Healthy, Nutritious Diet

Lastly, the food you take also affects your brain reasoning and its ability to function. In a recent study, researchers  from the University of Bristol reported that there is a connection between an unhealthy diet and low I.Q. scores in school children. To become more intelligent, you need to eat a healthy, nutritious diet.

Avoid eating fast foods, junks, or food that contain excess sugar or fat. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Take drinks such as raw cacao hot chocolate, Matcha green tea, and ginkgo Biloba tea. These drinks are known to help brain functioning. Hence, by taking healthy food and drinks, you will become smarter.


There you have it! Above are some daily habits and essential tips on how to become smarter. You don’t need the advice of an expert to create daily activities that will promote healthy brain function. By following the tips provided above, you can increase brain activity and become more intelligent. Once your brain adapts to these daily habits, you are in the right direction towards living a smarter and more fulfilling life.

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