How To Make Your Dream Come True In 9 Easily Actionable Steps

What comes to mind when you read the words “make your dream come true”? Is it the image of you traveling the world in total luxury? Maybe it’s thought of starting your own business? Or is achieving financial independence your ultimate goal? 

Whatever it is, your dreams don’t have to live in your mind forever as you watch others around you accomplish their goals. You can turn them into reality and finally start living your dream life.

Instead of leaving your dreams on the back burner for another year, check out these 9 simple steps that will help you make your wildest fantasies come true.  

1.     Be specific

When it comes to achieving your goals, the first thing step is to ask yourself what it is you really want.

If you’re fantasizing about starting your own business, ask yourself why. Do you want to be your own boss? Have the freedom to work remotely? Or maybe you’re just fed up with being bossed around?

Having targets that are specific and knowing why you want to reach them makes them much more actionable than just having a vague idea. The more detailed your dream is, the clearer your path becomes.

2.     Kill your fear

You’re about to do something you’ve been dreaming of for months, years even. It’s completely natural to be a bit scared and to have resistance.

What really matters is what you do with this fear. You can decide to look your fear dead in the eyes and do what you’re afraid of anyway. Or you can let it take over and paralyze you into inaction.

When you feel fear building up, ask yourself what’s scarier: potential failure or spending the rest your life imagining what could’ve been.

3.     No more excuses

If you truly want to live your dream life, you will have to commit. That means removing any and all distractions that could block your way.

If you want to succeed, give yourself no other option.

Take the leap and do something concrete that will guarantee your progress. Buy that plane ticket. Enroll in that online mastermind. Quit your day-job (within reason!) Do whatever it takes to make sure you keep moving forward.

4.     Learn from the best

There are probably many others out there who are living your dream right now. And with the internet at your disposal, there’s no need to stumble in the dark trying to figure out how to reach your goal on your own.

Look for someone who inspires you and who’s doing exactly what you want to be doing. Find out what they did to get to where they’re at. What steps they took. What mistakes they made. What they learned from those mistakes. And do the same.

Success is replicable. Learn from the best and follow in their footsteps.

5.     Create a game plan

Having desire, motivation and inspiration is all very well, but what good is it if you don’t have a plan of action?

Rather than jumping around from task to task, eventually losing sight of your goal completely, create a plan to help you stay focused and cut out any unnecessary detours.

If your dream is to run a marathon, start by waking up each morning and running 5 kilometers. Then, once that gets too easy, do 7 kilometers.

The trick to staying on track is to know where you’re going and to keep your destination in sight.

6.     Set a deadline for your dreams

A plan without a deadline is just another string of tasks that have to be completed at one point or another.

Without a plan, you can get lost in the minor to-do’s, and convince yourself that you need to learn more and find the perfect solution before you make a start.

Here’s the truth: there is no perfect solution.

Once you set a due date for each of your tasks, you will be more inclined to work harder, quit procrastinating and actually do what it is you set out to do in the first place.

7.     Put in the work

You’ve crafted your plan, now it’s time for the most important part: doing the work itself.

There are no two ways around this. If you want to make your dream come true, you’ll have to put your plan into action. Take those steps you so nicely mapped out.  

Getting started could be hard going at first, but once you begin seeing the results, you’ll get that rush of motivation to carry you further.

8.     Give yourself a pat on the back

Stepping out of your comfort zone and working on your dream is a big deal. And the results might not always be immediate or tangible.

Good things take time and sometimes you’ll need to pause, look back and praise your progress on all the small things you’ve achieved. Sometimes you’ll have to congratulate yourself in order to stay motivated.

Every small achievement is worth celebrating.

Not everyone is brave enough to face their fears and reach for the stars.

9.     Find a friend for the road

When we’re embarking on a long and difficult journey, sometimes it’s best to have some company, to have someone on your side to cheer for you when you make small gains.

Instead of trying to keep your progress a secret, telling your close friends or family members gives them a chance to encourage you and hold you accountable.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll inspire them to make their dreams come true too!


If you follow these steps and put in the hard work, the chances are that you will achieve your dreams and start living the life you fantasize about. And if not, at least you’ll rest knowing that you did everything in your power and move on without regrets.

Dreams are only reached through hard work and perseverance. And when you finally get to the finish line, you’ll look back on your journey and thank yourself for taking the first step.

Because the truth is, dreams really do come true. But they rarely happen by magic.

Start today and in a year’s time, you’ll be glad that you did! 


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