Learn How to Use a Journal the Jim Rohn Way

You can use a journal to change your life. Many have done that, and there is nothing in the universe that says you can’t do the same, even if you have tried and failed severally. You just need a little more help and determination. 

Jim Rhon is one of the biggest advocates of journaling. He has given several pieces of advice on the importance of journaling. He has also taught several people how to use journals effectively to change their lives. He has several materials that you can check out on different platforms, including Amazon Audible. 

If you are new to journaling, there are many questions that will keep bothering you, like; what am I supposed to write about? What kind of journal is best? How often should I be writing? Does correct spelling really matter? We will try to walk you through the basics of using a journal right here. 

Purpose of Journaling 

To use journals effectively, you need to know what journaling is all about to you. Generally, the purpose of journaling is to help you become a better person. Journaling should deliver value for you. Unless you understand the real purpose of journaling, recording your life experiences will not yield any meaningful result. 

Before buying your first journal, define the purpose. Keep this purpose in mind as you write in your journal. As hinted earlier, the purpose should always be to help you become a better person. You can have other goals for starting a journal. Keep such goals in mind whenever you write in the journal. 

Major Functions of a Journal 

A journal is not just a book for recording the things that happen to you on a daily basis. It has several functions that we can’t even fully explore here. We will only summarize the major functions to help you understand what you are getting into: 

A Journal Helps You Solve Problems 

You can solve most of your problems by documenting them, clarifying them, and trying to figure out the solution. Journaling can help you do these in the most organized manner. 

A Journal Helps You Capture Good Ideas 

Ideas can hit you at any point and can also escape from your head in an instant. With a journal, you can easily capture your ideas for future implementation. 

A Journal Helps You Record Your Observations And Reactions 

You can learn so many things by observations and your reactions to the things you encounter. A journal will help you keep tabs on these things. 

A Journal Helps You Understand Your Inner Conflicts 

If you want to understand your inner conflicts at all times, journaling can help you to a great extent. 

Your Journal Can Become Your Best Friend 

We all need that abstract friend that can tell us when we are doing the right things as well as when we are erring. A journal can be that wonderful friend. It can also keep you company in awkward situations. 

Your Journal Will Capture The Moments Of Your Life 

Capturing the moments of your life will make it a lot more meaningful. Journaling happens to be the best way to do that. 

A Journal Will Help You Have Conversations With Yourself 

Having a conversation with yourself will help you become a better person. Your journal will encourage this and make it a lot more productive. 

Your Journal Will Help You Develop Effective Communication Skills 

Writing in your journal will help sharpen your communication skills to a large extent. 

A Journal Is A Textbook For Life 

Some people will argue that we don’t need a textbook to live the best life on earth. However, the truth is that life can be a lot simpler if there is a textbook for it. The best part is that you can create such a textbook for yourself by journaling effectively. 

How to Actually Start a Journal Habit 

If you have never started a journal before, it may appear like a daunting task, but it is not. Here are three decisive steps you should take to get started: 

Step 1: Get a Portable Journal 

To start journaling and enjoy all the benefits it can bring, make sure you get a journal that is portable. When you carry it around, you will be able to write things down immediately the need arises. 

Step 2: Ensure You Always Have Your Journal with You 

Once you get a portable journal, create a means of moving with it wherever you go. This is the essence of having a portable journal in the first place. 

Step 3: Just Start 

Taking on a new habit like journaling may seem a daunting task until you start. Don't wait for the perfect time to start journaling, as that is a myth. Now is a perfect time, so get to it with enthusiasm. 

Best Journaling Practices that Will Really Change Your Life 

To write the right things that will really change your life in your journal, here are best practices you must take seriously: 

  • Choose a filing system. 
  • Always add time, date, and location before you start writing. 
  • Write a detailed account of how your life currently is 
  • Write about your reasons. 
  • Write about your problems. 
  • Write about the solutions to your problems. 
  • Write about the things you want 
  • Design a new life with your journal 

How Often Should You Write? 

There is no general rule that governs the frequency of writing on a journal, but it is important that you do it as often as you need to. Jim Rohn cautions against two possible extremes: 

  • Never Writing – this makes you participate in life without capturing it. 
  • Constantly Writing – this makes you capture life without truly participating in it. 

Observe life, participate in it, and write when you need to. 


Journaling can help you in many ways if you do it the right way. We have highlighted some of the most important best practices of journaling and suggested the best ways to get started here. Take the bold step to start journaling and be disciplined about it. The benefits can be enormous.

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