Motivational Friday Workout Quotes: Let's Exercise Everyday

Doing exercise everyday is a good habit that can improve our way of living.  It’s interesting that Friday seems to be the day of the week that people struggle to exercise.  Maybe the energy level has dropped by the time people reach Friday.  If you are looking for some motivational quote to give the final little push, you are in the right place.  Let the following quotes inspire and motivate you and then let’s get your body moving.  


“The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen” - Unknown

Sometimes, we feel that we lack energy and we feel like the workout that we are going to do is not going to be good enough to be meaningful.  However, if you are willing to force yourself to get started, one of these two things that would likely happen.  One, once you get started, you seem to get your energy back and then you have a good workout.  Two, you may not be able to do a workout that is as good as your normal workout, but everything counts.  You may be only able to jog 20 minutes instead of 30 but that’s good already.  Don’t use “I don’t want to have a bad workout” as an excuse for sticking to your couch.  


“Changing your personal meaning of exercise and physical activity from a chore into a gift will transform your relationship with movement.” - Michelle Segar

You have to make your exercise enjoyable.  You may want to trade off some short term effectiveness with sustainability.  For example, some people may find that jogging 30 minutes a day could burn the amount of calories that they want to burn.  But somehow they just don’t like jogging and they like to instead walk 30 minutes.  Although the amount of calorie burning is less, doing something that suits their taste makes exercising sustainable over a long period of time.  


“The benefits that research shows for regular exercise are truly astounding: more energy, better sleep, less stress, less depression, enhanced mood, improved memory, less anxiety, better sex life, higher life satisfaction, more creativity, and better well-being overall.” - Michelle Segar

If there’s a magic pill that can make you live better and feel better in many ways, it’s exercise.  What are you waiting for?  No one is asking you to do the best workout possible.  Just get your body moving.  Walk around your neighbourhood if you don’t want to do something intense.  Play basketball with friends if you find doing exercise alone boring.  Find the thing that works for you.  


“You're only one workout away from a good mood.” - Unknown

Do you remember how you felt after you exercised last time?  Very likely, the answer is that you felt good.  Yes, it may take a little bit of energy and willpower to make yourself get out of your home and exercise if it hasn’t become a habit yet.  However, if you are willing to give yourself the final little push, you are almost guaranteed to be in a good mood.  


“Criticizing ourselves when we fail to meet our plans or a standard in some way is just about the worst way for us to motivate ourselves to improve and do better next time.” - Michelle Segar

If you failed to execute your daily exercise plan yesterday, don’t blame yourself and go back to doing it.  No one is perfect and you will never reach perfection.  Self blame can only discourage you from doing what you are supposed to do.  You can objectively think about the root reason that caused you to miss yesterday’s workout and see if you can prevent the same reason from happening.  If you are not sure if you can look at your missed workout objectively, it’s better to just ignore it and move on.  


“No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.” - Unknown

You may be able to only fit a 20-minute walk into your daily schedule.  So what?  That’s better than nothing.  Also, your attitude matters.  If you are making good use of the 20 minutes a day you have now, one day your schedule may change and you could easily make good use of the 45 minutes a day you might have.  


“When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.” - Unknown

There must be a reason for doing exercise.  One of the best reasons is that it can make you feel good and give you energy for the rest of the day.  Whatever the reason is, think about it when you want to quit.  


“Go the extra mile. It’s never crowded.” - Unknown

While everyone you know is staying on the couch, what’s the point of doing exercise?  Why can’t you just be average?  It’s because if you do the extra work that pushes you beyond being average, you will get to a more beautiful, less crowded place.  That can mean that you have more energy and you are in a better mood than an average person.  That alone is worth it.  


“It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great.” - A League of Its Own (Movie)

When you think it’s hard, you are probably right.  Getting out of your bed and going jogging on a winter morning can be hard.  But that’s a good thing.  That ensures that you are going to be better than most people if you can do it.  Also, that’s a trick that can make it easy.  It’s to do exercise every single day for 2 months and it will become a habit.  Then it will no longer be hard.  


Final Thoughts

You don’t need to exercise perfectly and you don’t even have to do it in the most effective way.  Exercise in a way that you can enjoy so that you can sustain it over years.  Walk if you don’t like to jog.  Do your exercise daily so it can more easily turn into a habit.  Before it turns into a habit, you will need some willpower, but you will no longer need willpower once it becomes a habit.  If you ever miss a day, don’t blame yourself and go back to executing your plan the next day.  

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