Top 17 Tips on How to Cheer Someone Up

The World Happiness Report in 2019 didn't tell something great but something we all probably knew - people aren't happy. People are being prone to negative feelings and addictions.

While you cannot always stop your loved ones from being hurt or disappointed, you can make an active effort to cheer them up. Happiness isn't always a choice, and you can do your part in cheering up others.

How to cheer someone up?

It might not always be in our hands to undo the action that caused them pain, but we can go out of our way to ensure that they feel better.

1. Treat them to dark chocolate

Dark chocolate can help to boost the serotonin levels in the body. It can also release endorphins in the body. It can cut down on the cortisol production and make them feel better. Dark chocolate is also known as a rich source of antioxidants, and that is an added benefit.

2. Make a playlist for them

Music is always a great way to cheer someone up. You can choose to curate soothing and lulling white sounds that will boost serotonin production and help them to relax.

The other alternative is to make a playlist of happy and playful songs so you can have a little dance party. Allow them to let go and laugh freely.

3. Play a game of word association

Ask them to make associations with words like 'joy 'and 'amused' repeatedly. Studies have shown that people will feel the emotions they are naming after a while.

4. Encourage physical exercise

It can be as simple as taking them for a walk. The combination of fresh air and sunlight will increase the production of serotonin and Vitamin D. If you prefer staying indoors, organize a yoga session. Stretching will help to release the tension from their muscles and enhance blood circulation.

5. Indulge in problem-solving together

Dopamine, or the reward neurotransmitter, is released when the brain feels accomplished. Solving crossword puzzles and riddles together can improve critical thinking abilities. This, in turn, sharpens the cognitive function and boosts dopamine production.

6. Help them spruce up the house

The act of cleaning out clutter and beautifying a room can make them happier. Tidying up a physical place can also rid the mind of negative emotions. Moreover, it gives the brain a sense of accomplishment, and the body gets some light exercise. Decorating the house with potted plants can also be a good way of connecting with nature and uplifting the mood.

7. Take them to a stimulating place

You can accompany them to a new movie or even a restaurant for an evening out so that their senses are stimulated. You can also sign up for a class together. Painting and pottery lessons allow the brain to work out and detoxify. The healthy competition alerts the brain and increases the dopamine level in the bloodstream.

8. Meditate together

Sitting still and meditating can prove to be more helpful than you imagine. The quiet environment will allow the mind to be in a state of calm and think about other things. Even 15 minutes of meditation will make them feel better.

9. Cook for them

Cooking for someone makes them feel loved and special. Choose foods that are known to relieve stress. If you are unable to cook properly, you can simply make them fruit juice with your own hands.

10. Send them a note

You can make a difference from a distance as well if you are unable to visit them immediately. Send a happy text telling them that you are missing them or listing the reasons why they are amazing. Even better, you can send them a handwritten note because that is more meaningful. Let them know that you resonate with them and that they are not alone in this.

11. Give them a hug

Sometimes, just a hug can say everything you want to say. Human touch is proven to be beneficial, and a warm hug can boost the production of oxytocin in the body. Studies have shown that it can reduce stress and make for better communication.

12. Go volunteering together

Connecting with others can often reduce sadness. Volunteering at a charity or a soup kitchen inculcates a sense of community and allows them to appreciate what life has to offer. The joy of helping others can also make the body release oxytocin.

13. Visit the dog park

Bonding with pets is a happy activity that has the potential to cheer up someone quickly. Petting can boost the production of serotonin and prolactin because pets are very good at making humans feel loved.

14. Make them a hot beverage

It is not just a modern myth that a hot beverage can improve someone's mood. It has been scientifically proven that warm tea or coffee can comfort a person by resembling the human touch.

15. Surprise them with an evening of entertainment

You can book tickets to a local comedy show, so they have the opportunity to laugh it out. You can also take them to a bar for a drink where they can groove to the music and have a good time. End the evening with spicy foods that have capsaicin so as to boost the production of endorphins in the body.

16. Let them vent

Give them a safe space where they can vent and express their rage or frustration. Whether they want to throw a few punches in the air or cry it out, be supportive. Bottling up negative emotions can lead to more stress, so it is best that they share freely. Listen attentively and be empathetic.

17. Try to make them laugh

It does not matter if you have to pull out some embarrassing tricks; the smile on your loved one's face will be worth the effort. Feel free to act hilarious, so they compulsively laugh. You can also encourage them to fake laughter until the brain begins to perceive the emotion for real.


When it comes to cheering up someone you love, no compromises are allowed. Make them feel loved, comforted and appreciated! Be a constant companion.

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